Friday, February 26, 2010

chew* episode 2

This week, we held our second chew* chat, this one focusing on the season of Lent and the traditions found in the church calendar. (You can listen to our chat by clicking the file above, or by going here. And don't worry. It's not really two hours long! Not sure why it's showing that...) Unfortunately, Lindsey couldn't join us due to some international Internet issues, so we're hoping she'll post her thoughts (via video or writing) on the blog to continue our discussion. (We missed you, Lindsey!)

Although none of us are experts in the subject, I feel like we shared a meaningful discussion on this Lenten season. We encourage you to join in this discussion with us; to help facilitate some more discussion, here are the highlights of chew* chat number 2!

-- Lent is more than just "giving up" something (whether it be music in the car, Diet Coke, or Facebook); it's about the state of our hearts.

-- Perhaps in a quest to focus on God's grace and Christ's salvation, the church has swung the pendulum too far and ignored or abused the traditions that the Jews and members of the early church held so dear.

-- Thinking of our own wretchedness can become downright depressing, but until we focus on how broken we are, we can't quite comprehend the greatness of His grace. (Jenna mentioned this quote by Blaise Pascal: "Knowing God without knowing our own wretchedness makes for pride. Knowing our own wretchedness without knowing God makes for despair. Knowing Jesus Christ strikes the balance because he shows us both God and our own wretchedness."

-- Celebrating Christian traditions brings deeper meaning to the entire year, provides a reminder of God's salvation plan, and marries the old and new testaments.

-- True repentance must be more than a slapping ourselves on the wrist. When we sin, we're not just breaking God's law, we're breaking His heart (Cory mentioned this in reference to a Tim Keller quote).

Of course, like last month, we still have questions, and that's why we're anxious to hear more of your thoughts, and more of each other's as we reflect more on our discussion. For reference, here are some links we mentioned in our chat:

-- Girl Meets God, by Laura Winner

-- Celebrating the Christian Year, by Martha Zimmerman

-- Crazy Love, by Francis Chan

-- Celebrating the Passover  in your home

-- The Message//PAUSE (a one-year Bible that pairs an Old Testament book with a New Testament book)

-- A Lenten experience calendar from Mars Hill

-- The Jonah Bible study, also from Mars Hill