Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a little about me.

It is pouring outside, and I am loving the light show that is featured with this storm! The weather has been pretty crazy up here in Huntsville. Snow. Sunshine. Rain. It can't seem to make up its mind! It all seems a little chaotic at times, but especially on a night like this, with the lightning etching its images in the sky, I am reminded of our very powerful God who holds it all in His hands.

I've been reminded of this a lot lately. When I look back over the last few years, I see a lot of what looks like chaos. A lot of transition. Many unanswered questions. Lots of changes. {Cory, after reading your post, I am even more convinced that we are all going to easily relate to one another. Very much looking forward to some discussion time with you girls!}

Anyways, here's a little background information on me:

I grew up in Cleveland, Tennessee. Oldest of three girls. Middle of many cousins. The first to really venture away.

After graduating high school, I packed up my bags and moved to Montgomery to attend Faulkner University {hence my connection to Annie}. I hardly know how to summarize those 4 years... So much happened. SO much. Most of which have nothing to do with my actual education. I am pretty sure that college is when I actually met God. Sure, I'd been learning about Him my entire life. Sure, I'd made the decision to commit my life to him when I was baptized in the 5th grade. I knew a lot about Him, and thought I knew all the answers, but I came face to face with Him in college. And I've never been the same. {I would love to expound upon this, but I won't try to tackle my whole life in one blog post.}

I graduated in May of 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a second major in Vocational Christian Ministry. I had no idea what was coming next. Wednesday, May 9th, was my last night with the Landmark Campus Ministry. We were discussing Psalm 46. "Be still and know that I am God." That night, I heard God telling me to be still. Cease my strivings. Know that He is God. This was going to be my year of transition. Wait on Him. The next day I had an extensive job search planned out. I decided not to even leave my apartment. I took God up on His offer. I ceased my strivings and decided to wait on Him.

It was the right choice.

My year of transition sure looked like a lot of chaos. I was a temp receptionist for 3 days, an assistant home inspector for 7 months, an adjunct professor at Faulkner 2 nights a week for a semester, an administrative assistant/estimator for a subcontractor for 4 months, and I spent 2 weeks in China with some of my best friends that were serving as missionaries there. I did nothing to make any of this happen. Except apply at the temp agency and buy a plane ticket {which God actually did most of that too}. Long story short, in a dream, He told me it was time to move. It was no longer time to be still. Next thing I knew, I was moving to Huntsville to work with the Mayfair Youth Ministry. A dream job. Oh, and did I mention that I moved to Huntsville on May 9, 2008. Exactly one year from God's message to me. How's that for timing?!

Now I am a few months away from my 2 year mark in youth ministry, and this {somewhat} clearly defined role in my life has not really lessened the chaos. Our ministry is in transition, my life has many unanswered questions {you know, the basic questions a single, twenty-something is asking}, and life is busy. But especially on a night like this, with memories flooding my mind, I see the evidence that reminds me that our very powerful God holds it all in His hands.

And that is just a little bit about me.


annie said...

Ah, Jenna. I love your story. I remember our conversation at Cracker Barrel that morning two years ago (!!), when both of our lives felt a little lost. It is truly amazing to see what our God has done with the time. I love you!